The Gateman S10 variations

Hello everybody,

Some of you may have noticed that there are actually two different types of Gateman S10 locks out there (in addition to the Gateman SHINE) – the S10-DM (box and lock says S10), the S10-FH (not sold by most vendors) and the S10 -FD.

So what are the differences?

1) The S10-DM has a normal bolt while the S10-FD has a clawed bolt, resulting in additional security for your door. The S10-FH has a vertical bolt, similar to those being used by the V20 HOOK and F10-HOOK.

2) How to tell? Each lock will have it’s model inscribed on the top right corner of the touchscreen. So don’t get cheated.

3) The boxes are different too. Both the DM and FH boxes show a dark-colored S10 lock while the FD boxes show a shiny chrome silver lock.


Despite this, all the locks inside are the same shiny silver color.

The Gateman SHINE, while similar to the S10, is not the same and comes in a completely different box.


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