Lock Review Series : Samsung SHS 2920

[Update Feb 20, 2017: We can no longer recommend SHS-2920 due to the build quality. The chrome outer lining spots up within the year and there’s too much plastic on the inside include the gear that drives the bolt! For some reason, this SHS-2920 also does not use a standard Samsung footprint – meaning it strays from all the previous models making it a little more difficult to replace in the future. We wonder if Samsung actually designs this or just OEM from some third party. Not quite to the mark – despite the lovely marketing pictures. As they say, you get what you pay for. Never buy the cheapest model of anything]

Good afternoon everyone!

We’re back today to look at another Samsung lock, the 2920. This little baby is just like those mini-Coopers out on the road – it’s small, cheap, compact, and provides some bang for the buck. It doesn’t hurt that they look good too.


Here are the technical specs:

– Rim lock

– RFID card compatible (20 distinct RFID cards)

– 5-12 digit PIN password

– Burglar (anti break-in) alarm

– Fire alarm

– Life span of 1 year for the battery (assuming it’s used 10 times a day)

– Emergency external battery terminal (connect your battery directly to the lock if it runs out of battery)

– Manual and auto lock function (whether it automatically locks when you close the door)

– Dimensions : 158mm (W) x 89mm (H) x 44.5mm (D)

– Uses 4 1.5v AA batteries for power

– Your door needs to be 4-5cm thick for this lock to work

– Unlockable by smart phone (?) See below

– A whole host of alarms for low battery, anti-prank, anti-hack, anti-pick, etc.

– You’re going to have to read the manual for them all

My opinion

True to tradition Samsung produces a lock that looks absolutely sleek and sexy. With a hybrid aluminium and plastic case that comes decked out in black and silver, this lock turns heads. Samsung is pretty smart on this one actually. Black and silver goes well with almost any color so you won’t have to worry about it clashing with your door.

This lock is a small one and is easily mounted on almost any door. Given its small size, it probably won’t take too long to install either.

Now one unique feature of this lock is it’s ability to be unlocked using a smartphone. To do that you’re going to have to get a NFC (near field communication) enabled smartphone, and following that, obtain a USIM card that has the NFC function as well.  Set your phone to permit the NFC function and you should see something like this ISOXXXXA. The ‘A’ is important. Your phone cannot have any metal in the case!

If you ask me that’s a lot of trouble for little gain so this is just good to know.

The design is rather different from most Samsung locks in that it protrudes slightly in terms of depth. This gives it a more three dimensional feel (you don’t say) but really, it makes it feel more reassuring and ‘real’. It’s different, at least. It’s also more reminiscent of crystal than most of the other Samsung locks to me. If that appeals to you, than you should definitely include this lock in your list of them.

This is one of the newer locks to have been released by Samsung so do expect a few issues. From my contacts this hasn’t been the case but you never know.

You should get this lock if:

– You have a smaller budget [revised 2017: don’t get this lock for build quality reasons]

– You can’t decide which lock fits best with your door

– You have a lot of doors you need to fit this on


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6 Responses to Lock Review Series : Samsung SHS 2920

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  5. Dan Beare says:

    Hi, Thanks a lot for the update!
    I was trying to decide between the SHS 2920 & SHS 2320.
    Would you say the SHS 2320 has the same issues with build quality?
    Thanks again; I hope you can help…

    • Altruism says:

      We believe SHS-2320 , SHS-2621, SHS-D600 are all better than SHS-2920 (which is way off the mark). We know for sure Yale and Gateman (both owned by AssaAbloy) makes the best locks. Have a look at Gateman A20 …

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